Puzzle ball fidget
Puzzle ball fidget
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Puzzle ball fidget

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Puzzle Ball Fidget Toy

Enjoy hours of fun with this puzzle ball fidget toy. Use it as a simple fidget, or help kids to develop their problem-solving skills with an introduction to this junior version of the Rubik’s cube. Like most sensory and fidget toys, the puzzle ball is made to be highly tactile. It has the satisfying press and pop of a pop it toy, but with the added puzzle element. Help to keep busy hands occupied while concentrating, or use it as a puzzle toy on long car trips or in new environments.

Find Stress Relief And Fun With A Puzzle Ball Fidget

The puzzle ball fidget is bright and fun. The sphere is smooth, with no sharp edges, yet tough enough to withstand play. The bright colours make it harder to lose, but it’s also affordable to replace if your children do manage to misplace theirs. You can order the puzzle ball as part of a bundle or Sensory Bag, or order multiple puzzle balls for groups. This bright and fun toy is sure to provide hours of enjoyment, engagement, and stress relief for any individual.

Order A Puzzle Ball Fidget Toy From My Helper Australia

Pop it, sort it, throw it, catch it. This is the puzzle ball fidget toy Australia loves because it’s perfect for all kinds of imaginative play. The puzzle ball can help keep children occupied as a solo activity, or become part of a game of catch. Because children can share the puzzle ball as part of a game or complete the puzzle on their own it’s sure to become a favourite toy in no time.

It’s easy to order a puzzle ball fidget toy online to give to your own children or to send as a gift.

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