Fidget board game
Fidget board game
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Fidget board game

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Pop It Dice Game

The pop it dice game is a fun take on the classic fidget and sensory toys. 2021’s latest board game combines a pop it with dice, and comes in two gorgeous rainbow colour tray patterns. This fun and portable game can be used in so many ways. Set it up so that your children have a side each, then, as they take turns rolling the dice each child pops the number of bubbles displayed on the dice on their own side of the board.

Find Stress Relief And Fun With A Pop Dice Board Game

The pop dice board game is fun and educational. It helps young children with counting skills, teaches co-operation and patience. Children take turns and can learn how to play collaboratively, while being introduced to a game that is played with others without the need to compete.

For smaller children, the dice can be taken away, and they can enjoy this as a fun and safe pop it toy. Play pop it games with them, or leave them to experiment and learn with this bright and fun pop it toy.

Order A Pop It Dice Game From My Helper

Here at My Helper Australia, we stock the sensory and fidget toys that Australian families want. How do we know what you’ve been searching for? We’re parents ourselves, and we started My Helper when we realised other Aussie families were experiencing the same frustrations searching for affordable fidget and sensory toys.

It’s easy to order a pop it dice game from My Helper – simply place your order online and we will send it to you directly.

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