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Hand snappers

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Snappers Fidget Toy

Simply squeeze the hand snappers fidget toy to cause a pop it. These colourful rainbow toys are soft and squishy, and fit easily into your hand. They’re an incredibly tactile sensory toy, and the satisfying popping makes them a helpful fidget. Just imagine having an endless, reusable supply of bubble wrap. These hand snappers will provide that same satisfying pop – making them perfect for stress relief and relaxation. Kids can use them to gently settle nerves, or as a fun and interactive toy as they see which one of their friends can create the perfect popping sound.

Find Stress Relief And Fun With A Snappers Fidget Toy

If you have been looking for an affordable Snapperz style toy, then you can order online from My Helper Australia. This is the popular and accessible Snapperz fidget toy Australia loves. It’s available as an inclusion in our bundles and assorted sensory bags, or you can order it easily on its own. With regular feedback from other Australian parents, we have been able to create the fun and affordable range that their children love, and that’s why we’re confident that your kids will love these hand snappers too.

Order A Snappers Fidget Toy From My Helper

The snappers fidget toy fits easily in your hand. Individuals can use it as a stress ball, or for gentle hand-strengthening exercises. It is squishy, yet firm, and springs easily back into shape. You can squeeze the sides in to use it silently, or squeeze the suction cups together to make that comforting bubble wrap style pop.

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It’s easy to order our affordably priced hand snappers online, but if you have questions about our snappers fidget toy, or any other products in the My Helper Australia range, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team. Send us a message through the online form, or give us a call. We will be happy to answer your questions, and to make recommendations so that you can find the perfect sensory and fidget toys for your children.