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compression bed sheet

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Compression Sheets Australia

Compression sheets are used as a calming sensory compression to help the overstimulated nervous system calm down. This helps with a good night's sleep.

Here at My Helper Australia, we offer the compression sheets Australia can rely on. If you have been searching for a sensory tool that is able to help individuals with autism and other sensory processing disorders, then have a look through our range to find the products that are right for you. We have created this range in consultation with other parents, and strive to offer the products that Australian families need.

Looking For A Sensory Bed Sheet In Australia?

The gentle resistance of a sensory bed sheet provides a slightly different effect and sensation to a weighted blanket, although both may have their uses in helping to calm individuals and assisting in restful sleep patterns.

A sensory bed sheet is similar to a body sock in its proprioceptive input. If your child enjoys the comforting pressure of a body sock while reading, escaping sensory overload, or watching TV, then they may derive a similar sense of comfort from a sensory bed sheet. Australia wide, parents are finding that these simple bed sheets allow better rest for their children.

The Benefits Of Compression Sheets

By providing deep pressure, a compression sheet offers proprioceptive input. This has been used to assist individuals with their proprioceptive perception as they stabilise and co-ordinate body movement. The benefits to the nervous system can help a restless individual to find a calmer state for sleep.

The use of compression sheets in Australia is gradually becoming more common, as more Australian families experience the benefits for their children.

Contact My Helper Australia To Find Out More

Here at My Helper Australia, our aim is to supply commonly requested sensory products at affordable prices for Australian families. If you have questions regarding any of our products, then please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Many families have questions regarding sensory bed sheets and how they can be used correctly and safely. We can help answer any questions regarding our products, or point you in the direction of further information.