body sock- 30% off at checkout
body sock- 30% off at checkout
body sock- 30% off at checkout
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body sock- 30% off at checkout

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The body sock provides a deep pressure input - this helps to calm the over-stimulated nervous system. The body sock is a great item for calming - a sensory tool that is able to help individuals with autism and other sensory processing disorders.

Choose the right size for your child and send away for your order today. You will also have the option to order multiple sizes of the same item if you are ordering for your school or centre.

The Benefits Of A Body Sock And Sensory Feedback

With the gentle resistance provided by a body sock, sensory feedback is delivered that can help with a child’s spatial awareness and movement. When used in combination with passive activities (reading a book or watching TV) the body sock will provide deep pressure through the joints. This proprioceptive input can assist children as they further develop their ability to stabilise body posture and co-ordinate body movement.

When children use a body sock in combination with movement, they activate the vestibular input signals to further assist balance and co-ordination.

Purchasing A Body Sock From My Helper Australia

Our family business started out with the aim of helping Australian parents to find the sensory and fidget toys that would assist children with their attention and anxiety. We have grown the My Helper Australia range to include frequently requested products, while keeping all of our toys and sensory products at an affordable price for the average Australian family.

Now, we have added the soft and stretchy body sock Australia can count on. The fabric is soft and non-abrasive, yet strong and stretchy enough to withstand many hours of play. They’re ideal for therapeutic use, or to simply enhance both rest and play.

Contact My Helper To Find Out More

If you would like further information on any product in the My Helper Australia range, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team. If you have been considering purchasing a body sock for sensory escape or for the therapeutic benefits of sensory input, then we can help. Let us know what you’re searching for, and we will help you to find the right product.