Bean sqeeze
Bean sqeeze
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Bean sqeeze

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Squeeze Bean Fidget Toy

Our squeeze bean fidget toy is always a popular product in our Sensory Bags, Mini Sensory Bags, and Family Sensory Bags. It’s also available for purchase on its own, so if your child ever loses their favourite squeeze bean fidget, you can replace it almost before they miss it.

This squeeze toy is small, bright, and perfect to clip to a backpack or keep in your pocket. Like all products in the My Helper Australia range, it’s affordably priced so that you can always keep an assortment of fidget toys on hand.

Let My Helper Australia Give You A Helping Hand

If your children are anything like ours, then you will know how easy it is for those fidget toys to go wandering off on their own. We created our range of affordably priced sensory and fidget toys so that Australian parents can keep some small fidget toys on hand wherever they go. Clip a squeeze bean fidget to your keyring, or keep one in the car glovebox. They’re small, light, and portable so that you can always take them with you.

Try A Bright And Engaging Squeeze Bean Fidget

Help children to cope with stress, anxiety, or boredom, with a bright and engaging fidget toy from the My Helper Australia range. Whether it’s to help with attention in class, or as something comforting and familiar when they’re out or in the car, the bean squeeze has proven a hit with children all over Australia. Order it as part of a bundle, or as a standalone product today.

Contact My Helper To Find Out More

We hope that your children will love their squeeze a bean stress toy, but if you’re not sure which toy to try, then why not get in contact with our team? We created the range in consultation with other parents, and we’re always happy to make recommendations. If you have questions then you can call us or send a message, and someone from the My Helper team will be happy to help you out.