Assorted pop it’s
Assorted pop it’s
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Assorted pop it’s

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Fidget Pop Toy

Give your child hours of fun with our assorted pop its. These make the perfect fidget pop toy for children who crave activity and engagement. The bright colours are appealing – and also make these fidget toys harder to lose!

If your child is struggling with anxiety or attention, then a fidget pop toy from My Helper Australia might be the ideal toy to try. Every child is different, and will find benefit from different activities and forms of sensory engagement. Here at My Helper, we keep our prices affordable, so that you can find the sensory and fidget toys that are perfect for the children in your life.

Let My Helper Australia Give You A Helping Hand

The idea for My Helper Australia came about through trying to source sensory and fidget toys for our own children. Although many parents have found out just how helpful these toys can be, it’s not always easy to source them within Australia for reasonable prices.

We have created a range of Sensory Bags and Mini Sensory Bags, so that you always have something on hand for your own children. Alongside these bundles, you will find a great range of sensory and fidget toys, so you can create your own bundle of toys that your children will love.

Try A Bright And Engaging Fidget Pop Toy

If your children needs to keep busy and occupied while dealing with new or stressful situations, then a bright and engaging fidget pop toy might provide the ideal solution for them. Why not give one a try to see the smile on their face today?

Contact My Helper To Find Out More

If you’re looking for something in particular, or you’re not quite sure what to try, then you can get in touch with the My Helper team. We’re always happy to make a recommendation, or to answer your questions about our fidget pop toys and anything else in the My Helper range. Give us a call or send us a message today.